[last update: 23rd Mar 2020]

house bullet point Because of Covid-19, a complete switch to remote work. Been there, done that, so I'm fortunate to be able to transition easily. If you struggle with this,
I' m happy to share experiences, tips, and insights.

work bullet point Consulting a cross-functional team for establishing ways of working with a design system.

work bullet point Consulting a team to integrate design and discovery into scrum-based project development.

work bullet point Accompany a design thinking / design sprint based product development with product design insights and prototyping.

read bullet point The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman (Upping my business game), Systemic Coaching & Constellations by John Whittington (The idea behind it is interesting so far, but all in all a little bit too esoteric for me), Schmutzige Hände: Das Büro 2 by J. J. Voskuil (good read, especially when nobody is working from the office at the moment)

think bullet point How should my business react to the recent corona-crisis? How can my services fit better for temporarily remote-based teams? How to find new fitting clients in these times?

think bullet point How to establish discovery work (what & why) in product development teams? Getting from a theoretically perfect world blueprint to a practical day to day praxis.

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