[last update: 5. November 2021]

🦠🏠️ Still Covid-19, still complete remote work. But few personal meetings are possible again.

💼 Helping a production team to improve their Kanban practice and their overall production process. Digging deep in a complex Jira setup.

📚️ The Great Crash of 1929 by John Kenneth Galbraith; My Inventions and Other Writings by Nikola Tesla; Wardley Maps by Simon Wardley

🎓️ Looking for deeper knowledge about externalizing thoughts for reflection & discussion → Mapping.
Getting more and more interested if there is good research on that.

✍️ Writing something about stakeholder mapping. Little time and still a lot to look into.

🧠 Wardley Maps (looks very interesting but in the middle of trying to 💡 it)

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