[last update: 4 September 2020]

house bullet point Still Covid-19, even if some people act like it's gone. Still nearly complete remote work.

work bullet point Consulting a cross-functional team for establishing ways of working with a design system.

work bullet point Consulting a team to integrate design and discovery into scrum-based project development. 

work bullet point Ramping up new talks and engagements for the next quarter.

work bullet point Received my PSU I & PSPO I certification from scrum.org. So getting better at consulting teams on lean & agile work practices.

read bullet point No filter by Sarah Frier; Die Stein Strategie von Holm Friebe 

think bullet point How to do lean product development with just enough discovery? What is enough without falling into iterating on the wrong things? 

think bullet point How to bring lean and agile design thinking into non-tech, especially in public-policy / public-funded / NGO environments? Please get in contact, when you want to talk about that!

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