[last update: 4 December 2020]

house bullet point Still Covid-19, still complete remote work.

work bullet point Consulting from a design perspective a user-centric license and product strategy for a big and complex product portfolio and enable the teams to reach the vision incrementally.

work bullet point Finished a university course on web technology and digital self-presentation. Remote classrooms are tricky, especially in a group that is used to studio work.

work bullet point Planning Q1.

read bullet point Empowered by Chris Jones and Marty Cagan. Just started reading it, the first pages are already gold. 

think bullet point How to create product vision on the right organizational level, without starting to create big design upfront and ensuring that outcome-driven teams can be even more agile. 

think bullet point How to bring lean and agile design thinking into non-tech, especially in public-policy / public-funded / NGO environments? Please get in contact, when you want to talk about that!

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