[last update: 7 June 2020]

house bullet point Still Covid-19, even if some people act like it's gone. Still nearly complete remote work.

work bullet point Released a whitepaper on UX recommendations for COVID-19 exposure notification apps together with the TCN Coalition. Read here

work bullet point Consulting a cross-functional team for establishing ways of working with a design system.

work bullet point Consulting a team to integrate design and discovery into scrum-based project development. 

work bullet point Just recieved my PSU I certification from scrum.org. So getting better at consulting teams on lean & agile work practices.

read bullet point When Coffee & Kale compete by Alan Klement; The Back Channel by William Burns 

think bullet point Where to live next?

think bullet point A lot of things feel more normal (pre Covid-19) in Berlin. Will it last? Why are people so quickly adaptable for a short period of time and then get back to the way they were before? 

think bullet point How to bring lean and agile design thinking into non-tech, especially in public policy / public funded / NGO environments? Please get in contact, when you want to talk about that!

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