My Principles


I always work on specific challenges and don't shy away from getting my hands dirty. I love to discuss real obstacles and find realistic solutions. Furthermore, I don't believe in just dropping a method or technique on the table and walking away. Instead, I will contribute proven methods and techniques, and together we shape them to be a perfect fit.

Transparency & Candor

I'm a strong believer in open conversations and constructive critique. Hierarchies, structures, and processes are useful tools to organize, but they were never meant to stand alone. Transparency is always my default way of working. However, at the same time, I believe in the necessity of privacy and confidentiality.

Lean & Agile

Lean & Agile

Unfortunately lean & agile did develop into buzzwords without a lot of meaning. But I'm still a strong advocate of the principles these concepts are based on. I always try to inspect and adapt my ways of working as well as challenge others to do the same. A lot of concepts, methods, and frameworks I use daily are based on or inspired by ideas from the lean & agile movement. I'm trained in different methods like Design Sprints, OKR, Scrum, Kanban, etc., and apply them when needed.

Digital Technology

Design Ops

Our world has always been driven by tools & technology. For me, digitalization is just the next step. From a young age, I was interested in digital artifacts and connected consequences. Therefore, it feels natural to use and especially shape digital tools. As a side-effect, you may find me dabbling in unusual and new technologies in my free time.


People are not only functions or roles. Everybody contributes different skill sets, experiences, and mindsets to the conversation. I really believe that the best work is done when people put their heads together and draw from each other's knowledge. This is why I love cross-functional and diverse teams with individuals having deep knowledge and experience in specific fields. I believe, the unique distribution of skills between team members should be embraced and fostered.

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