Design by education
Tech by experience
Strategy & Facilitation by choice

How I can help

In general, I work as a consultant or in interim positions.
Titles vary, often design-something or product-something.
If you are already thinking about a title for me, we should talk.

Product Discovery & Strategy

Product Discovery & Strategy

Coaching Discovery Techniques, Hands-On

I help organizations to discover new opportunities for their products or services. Discovery work is never happening in an isolated context but is connected to business strategy and long-term vision. If you struggle with your strategy or connecting the dots between vision, strategy, tactics, and daily work on the product, I will help you to connect the dots. My first weapons of choice are not »Innovation Workshops« or other »away from daily business« activities. I will help you to integrate user-centered product innovation into your daily business.

UX Consulting

UX Consulting

No User = No Business

Having two decades of experience in design I will bring the »human factor« into every conversation. I create user journeys, service blueprints, lo- & hi-fi prototypes, and other artifacts based on research and insights. With that in mind, I will always emphasize the end-to-end experience so that the bigger picture won't get lost. These artifacts are never the end product, but the conversation starter. From there, we will identify risks and opportunities to define precise next steps, big and small. We will work on them together, to get one step closer to achieve your vision.

Team Setups

Organisms need a habitat

I believe in powerful and empowered teams. I help organizations to enable their teams to be agile and work truly cross-functional. I also consult on the organizational systems around teams, how they can be coached, managed, and supported. I focus especially on introducing user-centered design and discovery responsibilities to product teams so that they know user needs and then care and connect them to business needs.

Design Ops

Design Ops

Culture is designed

Design as a discipline within teams is, in many aspects, very beneficial. However, with this transition, other challenges will surface. Design Ops as a responsibility within and outside the teams provide for example overarching design systems, tooling for design, and general design culture. I consult on these topics with different initiatives and formats.

Talks & Workshops

Outside perspectives help reflection

Occasionally I give talks, conduct lectures, and facilitate workshops on different topics around design methods, design integration, and related topics. I talk in public formats like meetups and also in internal formats within organizations or universities. These can be one-offs or multiple appearances in different settings.

What I can't do

Even as a designer, I'm not an illustrator, brand designer, or the perfect choice for detailed visual design.
Even though I'm able to code and understand technical systems & architecture, I don't have the routine and experience to code software in some sustainable way.

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