“words of a middleman” is a Wireless Router analyzing network connections in a local network and displaying them on its integrated display. The digital communication between all network protagonists, humans, devices and servers is translated into natural language, making it human-readable and understandable.

From the position of a story-telling observer, the router exposes activity and content about the dialogues of humans and computers.

words of a middleman
words of a middleman

This pre-Snowden piece was designed to start a discussion about the usage of public or semi-public wifi networks with showing unencrypted network traffic directly on the router. 

Besides the group created idea and concept, I created a custom Java software which reads the network traffic and translates the traffic into human readable sentences.


Lino Teuteberg
Jeremias Volker

words of a middleman
words of a middleman
words of a middleman

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